Folexin reviews: how to stop hair fall and regrow hair naturally

It is normal to lose about 50 strands of hair a day, however, serious premature hair loss can turn out to be a sign that something is wrong in our body. With rising cases of pollution, poor nutrition and stress levels, keeping a full crop of hair have indeed become a rarity. But is there something that can be done to reverse it? Can you really stop hair loss and regain your full head of hair? Fortunately, there is Folexin. A number of Folexin reviews indicates that you can stop hair loss today with Folexin.

Do not buy any hair growth pills before you read this Folexin reviews: how to stop hair fall and regrow hair naturally that will discuss about what is Folexin, the ingredients of Folexin, how does Folexin work, how to stop hair loss with Folexin and where to buy hair growth pills Folexin online.

What is hair loss pills Folexin

Folexin is a dietary pill designed to help restore your hair and prevent falling of hair to keep full hair on your head. This is due to the ingredient Biotin which is included in the supplement. Biotin is proven to improve the strength and elasticity of the thickest layer of the hair shaft (cortex). It aims to get to the core of the problem thereby ensuring long lasting results in a short period of time. In addition to healthy hair, the formula also improves the condition of the skin and the nails.

Folexin is made using a 100% natural formula to protect your hair from being damaged by chlorine, the sun, and heating irons. Therefore, the formula is available in stores without any prescription from a doctor. No matter what the reason behind hair loss and baldness, this pill works optimally to eradicate the problem. So whether your hair loss is as a result of hormonal changes, genetics or environmental changes, this formula can effectively address it.

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The ingredients of natural remedies for hair loss Folexin

It is very unlikely for a hair loss product to be based solely on natural ingredients. Most hair loss products available on the market follow the synthetic chemical based formula. Fortunately, Folexin is a natural formula. No chemicals, additives or fillers have been used in the making of the supplement. The ingredients used to aim to use your body’s natural functions as a way to improve your hair’s health. Here are the ingredients of Folexin:


Also known as Vitamin B7, biotin is one of the key ingredients in Folexin. It can be found in foods like fish, eggs, legumes, meat, berries and avocado. The ingredient plays a major role in maintaining the health of our hair, skin and nails. Like all B vitamins, it is water soluble hence it easily absorbs into our internal systems. It is rare to be deficient in biotin but if it happens, symptoms like scaly red rash, dry eyes, hair loss, fatigue, and depression are common.

Folic Acid

This is another soluble vitamin but in the synthetic form of vitamin B9 folate. The vitamin promotes new cell growth in the body. Folic acid deficiency in the body has been found to cause premature hair loss at an early age while exposing yourself to various other health-related issues. But when one gets a good dose of folic acid, there would be a reduction in hair loss. So, the folic acid in this supplement helps reverse the problem through regeneration of dead cells and also halts hair fall. This ensures you develop significant hair growth.

Other Ingredients

Apart from these two key ingredients, the formula includes some smaller ingredients as well. These ingredients work together to promote healthier, thick and better-looking hair. The ingredients include Vitamins like B6, B5, A, B12, D3, C, B1, and E, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Gluconate, Iron Ferrous Fumarate, Zinc Oxide and Manganese Chelate.

How does Folexin actually work to improve hair growth

Folexin works by primarily restoring your natural supply of biotin. Your body needs biotin to convert certain nutrients into energy, which then powers the growth of hair, nails and skin. A long time ago, cases of biotin depletion in the body were rare and that is why our grandfathers used to survive with full hair into their sunset years. Nowadays, though, with changing diet patterns and environmental downgrade, we tend to lose our fair supply of this important nutrient. Folexin, therefore, aims to restore biotin, which by effect supports hair growth and there is scientific evidence to back this up.

In a 2015 study, the number of women with receding hairlines were divided into two groups, one given biotin pills and the other placebo. The dosage was twice per day for 90 days. At the end of the study, researchers reported that women who took biotin pills had experienced significant hair growth especially in areas that had previously experienced balding.

Yet another nutrient that Folexin aims to replenish is folic acid. This is vitamin B, which is not only important for our hair but also for overall health. Studies have shown a close relationship between hair loss and folic acid deficiency. This could be due to the fact that folic acid is required to produce red blood cells. Therefore lack of it could lead insufficient supply of oxygen to hair follicles. If hair Follicles do not get enough oxygen, they fail to produce ATP, a substance that plays a vital role in cell growth. An under-supply of ATP triggers over-production of testosterone.

The relationship between testosterone and hair loss is quite complicated. Androgenic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in many countries, affecting 50 million men and 30 million women according to the National Institute of Health. So, by restoring biotin and folic acid, Folexin aims to overcome this frustrating problem using a scientifical approach.

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How to stop hair fall and regrow hair naturally with Folexin

Each bottle of Folexin contains 60 capsules and is supposed to be ingested on a daily basis. Users are advised to take two capsules of Folexin daily with a glass of water or as directed by their physician. One pill during the middle of the day and the other one during the evening hours.

It is targeted towards individuals in the early stages of hair loss. Therefore, users should start the treatment as soon as they notice the signs of hair thinning, receding hairline, balding or severe hair loss. While the main target group for Folexin is men, women can also use it to achieve a thick, strong and healthy head of hair.

All of the ingredients on Folexin are 100% natural and so far there have not been any reported case of side effects. However, if have any underlying illness we would recommend you speak with your doctor before trying this or any other supplement for that matter. Aside from that, Folexin is 100% Safe.

Where to buy hair growth pills Folexin online

Folexin is a hair loss product that claims to be 100% natural. It is marketed on the basis that it is a breakthrough formula for hair growth. Its main active ingredients have been exhibited by authorities such as WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and The Dr. Oz Show.

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At the moment you can only get this supplement from the official website. It is manufactured by Vita Balance company which is a reputable health company both in the United States and the United Kingdom. From our research, the company has a good reputation. This means you can set your mind at ease when shopping at their website.

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